Is a Theater Season Subscription Worth the Cost?

If you enjoy the theater, you have probably considered a season subscription. For theater lovers, who would see every show no matter what, it’s an easy decision. Yet, if you only see shows now and then, you might wonder whether it is truly worth the cost. To help make this decision easier for you, let’s break down what a theater season subscription involves.

Theater Season Subscription

What Is a Theater Season Subscription?

Also known as a season ticket, a season subscription lets you see most or all of a particular theater’s shows for a single season. The cost of the subscription is lower than what you would pay to see all of the included shows at the standard box office rate. In effect, you prepay for tickets to all the shows and, in exchange, you receive a discount. At the Forestburgh Playhouse, the discount is 20% to 50% off box office prices, depending on the specific subscription you choose.

What Are My Subscription Options?

Every theater’s subscription options are a little different. Our season is 7 shows long, including 2 special Supersizer shows. We offer subscriptions that include all 5 regular shows plus your choice of either Supersizer show, for a total of 6 shows. Or, for a little extra, you can upgrade most types of subscription to Supersizer, which includes all 7 shows.

Classic season tickets are the easiest to understand. For the entire season, you will attend performances on the same day and time of the same week of the run, and you will always sit in the same seats. For example, you might choose the first Friday night and be assigned seats B105 and B106.

Classic season tickets may be purchased for evening performances (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday) or, for a slightly lower price, for matinees (Wednesday or Sunday). For each show, just look at the schedule to determine the exact date and time to attend. Ticket exchanges are allowed if you need to switch to a different performance for a specific show. Classic season tickets can be upgraded to Supersizer.

SmartSaver season tickets are very similar to Classics, except that you will be seated in row S, T, or U in exchange for a larger discount. SmartSaver season tickets are only available for evening performances (no matinees), and they can be upgraded to Supersizer.

Flex season tickets are, as the name implies, the most flexible option. They are also the least expensive. However, it is important to understand exactly how they work. A Flex season ticket gives you a total of 6 admissions throughout the season. How you use them is up to you.

For example, you and your spouse might buy two Flex season tickets, for 12 total admissions. You might decide to attend 6 shows together, but you don’t have to. Perhaps you will go together to a Sunday matinee of the first show of the season, leaving 10 admissions. You might treat friends to a Saturday night performance of the second show, leaving 6 admissions. Maybe you don’t care for the third show, so you skip it altogether. That leaves you with 6 remaining admissions to divide any way you like throughout the rest of the season.

Please note that Flex ticket holders are not guaranteed a seat to a sold out performance. You must call the box office to make reservations each time you want to use your Flex ticket. Flex reservations may not be exchanged within 48 hours of curtain time. Flex tickets may not be upgraded to Supersizer.

Subscription Benefits

For those who enjoy going to the theater, a subscription provides a number of benefits, including a discount over box office prices, preferred reservations at our cabaret, and the ability to exchange tickets for another performance when needed. In addition, Classic and SmartSaver subscriptions also provide better seats than individual ticket purchases.

We are nearly 45% subscribed, which means that there are still some great seats left for new subscribers! You also have the option for automatic renewal of your same seats each season, ensuring that you can keep your seats for years to come (we might move you one seat to the left or right to even out a row).

Is a Subscription Right for Me?

If you are still unsure about whether a subscription is right for you, we encourage you to try out our Flex ticket option. With the flexibility to choose which shows to see and when, it does not require the same commitment of either time or money as a Classic or SmartSaver subscription. If you find that you are enjoying regular nights at the theater, you can always upgrade to a more traditional subscription option.

Ready to Get Started?

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