Ways to Keep in Touch with the Forestburgh Playhouse Between Performances

If you’re a big fan of live theatre, going to a few performances each year at the Forestburgh Playhouse might not be enough. Fortunately, there are other ways to stay involved in the off-season. Here are six ways that you can keep in touch with the Forestburgh Playhouse in between performances.

Find a Job at the Forestburgh Playhouse

The Forestburgh Playhouse often has available jobs that need to be filled. The available Theatre Positions range from set designers and theatre technicians to administrative positions to restaurant staff for The Tavern. Depending on how involved you want to be, you could work up to full-time at the Forestburgh Playhouse. 


Attend Forestburgh Auditions

The Forestburgh Playhouse hires equity actors to fill many of its main roles in upcoming theatre productions. It has casting calls for equity actors, as well as non-equity auditions for the Forestburgh Playhouse’s resident company throughout various colleges and conservatory programs throughout the United States. To learn about upcoming audition dates, check out the Forestburgh Playhouse’s website for next season show auditions

Consider Going to Local Actor Auditions

In addition to professional actors, the Forestburgh Playhouse hosts local actor auditions to fill supporting and ensemble roles. Most of the local actors that participate are unpaid and you don’t need experience to participate. Students, children, and adults are welcome to audition for these ensemble roles. Depending on the show, the casting needs change and are listed on the website. You can expect to participate in rehearsals for several months prior to the show’s performance.

Purchase Season Tickets

If you love going to see live theater performances at the Forestburgh Playhouse, consider buying season tickets. You’ll ensure that you have tickets to every show and you’ll save money over buying tickets individually. Be sure to purchase 2020 season tickets early if you want them before someone else reserves your favorite seats.

Sign Up for the Mailing List

To know what’s going on during the Forestburgh Playhouse off season and for more information about scheduled performances and events, join our mailing list. We send out periodic emails and physical mailings to subscribers and season ticket holders about what’s happening at the theater. 

Keep in Touch on Social Media

You can also keep in touch with the Forestburgh Playhouse through its various social media pages. You can follow the Forestburgh Playhouse’s official Instagram account at @fbplayhouse, where you can see behind the scenes footage, learn more about actors in upcoming performances, and read reviews. On the Forestburgh Playhouse’s Facebook page, you can find the dates for upcoming shows and learn about fundraisers. You can also interact with the Forestburgh Playhouse on Twitter

As you can see, there are many ways to keep in touch with the Forestburgh Playhouse between performances. Whether you find a job at the theater or simply follow one of the Forestburgh Playhouse’s social media accounts, you can stay in the know in the off-season. For more information about upcoming performances, check out www.fbplayhouse.org.